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Our Physiotherapy clinic is conveniently located in Greenwood

What you can expect from us

Evidence-based physiotherapy treatment, in addition to honest advice and a fresh approach, set us apart.  What this means for you, is that with the help of our therapists, you can restore movement and improve your health and wellbeing.

NGP Greenwood Physiotherapy provides a wide range of musculoskeletal, sports and post-operative physiotherapy services, helping you with everything from neck pain to arthritis.  You will find that during your appointment, above all, you will be treated individually, therefore, as a result, we’re sure you will agree that the assessment, treatment and follow-up exercise programs are of the highest quality.  Our Greenwood physiotherapy clinic has an outstanding customer service record that Rob and Jeff are very proud of and most importantly, the team is available from the moment you contact them to the moment your treatment ends.

In addition to our work with your allied health professionals, referring physician, or specialist. So, when you just want answers, we understand your frustration, consequently, MRI’s can be expedited so that you do not have to wait for a specialist.

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2 Physios

Each consultation is conducted by two physiotherapists to help you get to the bottom of your health issue.

To sum up, the cumulative effect of Robert and Jeff’s experience as Sports and Exercise Physiotherapists is mind-blowing when they work together to bring their skills into each session. Teamwork, intelligence, and talent win championships, according to Michael Jordan. They live by that statement.


Accepting all private health insurance via our HICAPS facility.

Helping you fast track your treatment

We understand the frustration you feel when you just want answers. NGP can significantly reduce waiting times for investigative scans like MRI’s. Now is the time to act against your problem with the help of our physiotherapy services. The longer you leave it, the worse it may get.

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