Next Generation Physiotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions


Robert will talk to you about your symptoms and do a physical exam to understand your issue better, then formualte a treatment plan for you. The main cause of your complaint, will be addressed, never just treating the symptoms.

The first session is all about getting to know you and to put you at ease.

In the first session, various questions are asked, and a full physical assessment will take place.

Depending on the presenting problem this may include tests on your strength, your range of motion, balance, and any restrictions you may have.

In this first session, any reports or referrals will be reviewed and spoken about to you, realistic and achievable goals are set, and a treatment is occurs.

During a session Robert may apply hands-on techniques like joint mobilisation, used for a stiff joint, soft tissue work, stretching, or massaging tight muscles. It will depend on what you as an individual need. A home exercise program will likely be implemented, which can increase your movement and decrease your pain.

If clinically indicated, a scan may be necessary in finding out the underlying problem.

Physiotherapy may not be able to eliminate all pain-related problems, sometimes other medical intervention is necessary. However, in most cases, treatment can help to eliminate pain and help manage chronic diseases. Robert will teach you steps to stay pain-free by altering movements and patterns that were originally causing you pain.

An estimated time will be given to you when discussing the treatment plan. However, it is important to be aware that due to movement patterns having to change and strength and

control regained, it is not a quick fix. Attendance to your appointment and consistently doing your home EXERCISE program will make your recovery quicker.

We recommend that you confirm your insurance coverage before your appointment.

This will depend on the individual and what the injury is, but it may not be necessary.

It may be that you will just have to modify your training and activities. It is important that you talk to Robert about what you do during the initial session so he can advise you what is appropriate for your recovery and what is not.


If you’re concerned about anything that was discussed in your appointment or have any questions for us, please contact us by phone or email.

To be a physiotherapist in Australia you must have a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification.

After completing this, to be able to practice, you must then register with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia and meet their specified registration standards and codes like ongoing training and keeping up to date with new treatments.

It is important that you wear comfortable clothes to your appointment.

Please keep in mind the location of your injury, for example for back pain you might wear a loose shirt, or for leg pain you would be best not to wear jeans. You won’t be asked to remove all of your clothes, and Robert will work with you to make sure you are always comfortable.

Greenwood Clinic

With 22 Car Parking Bays our Greenwood Clinic is conveniently located just off the Warwick Road exit of the Mitchell Freeway, near the junction of Greenwood, Warwick, Carine & Duncraig.


We understand the frustration you feel when you just want answers. So NGP can significantly reduce waiting times for investigative scans like MRI’s. Now is the time to act against your problem. The longer you leave it, the worse it may get.