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Soft Cover Book – My Journey Since a Brain Bleed – Robert Vander Kraats




In ” My Journey Since a Brain Bleed,” Robert Vander Kraats, a Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist recognized by the Australian Physiotherapy Association, shares the intimate story of his transformation from marathon runner and triathlete to life in a wheelchair following a severe brain haemorrhage. This book is not merely a memoir; it is a beacon of knowledge and hope. Robert meticulously documents the myriad of interventions he explored on his road to recovery, providing personal insights into each one with the profound understanding of a seasoned physiotherapist. He has done the exhaustive work, so you don’t have to, compiling years of research into a guide that illuminates the possibilities for reclaiming life after a debilitating event.

With professional acumen balanced by heartfelt candour, Robert’s narrative is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Endorsed by readers as “inspirational” and a reflection of “the power of a positive attitude,” his book transcends the boundaries of a personal account. It invites readers to consider their own resilience while offering practical wisdom for those facing similar challenges. For anyone embarking on a journey through recovery, “A Journey Unveiled” is a compassionate companion, a professional guide, and an inspiring testament to never giving up.